Now that the heating systems are in full gear, many homeowners will experience a blast of dust, particulates, and odors along with the first currents of heat. If the dust and particulates continue, however, or if there’s little or no heated air coming out of your indoor registers, it may be time to consider a professional ductwork cleaning.

Over time, debris, dust, mold and other substances can accumulate inside your ductwork system. When the air starts flowing through the ducts again, bits of this debris can be dislodged and blown back into your home along with the warm air from your furnace. These airborne particulates can trigger asthma and allergies, aggravate respiratory problems, and possibly cause disease and significant discomfort.

Official sources such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) note that regular ductwork cleaning isn’t usually necessary in an HVAC system with proper filtration. However, the agency recommends ductwork cleaning if: There is visible mold growing within the ductwork or on HVAC equipment. Mold can be very harmful to respiratory health. Ducts are infested with insects, rodents, or other creatures. Animals and insects in your ductwork can leave behind fur, feces, nests, and other contaminants that can be blown back into your home. You can see dust and debris blowing out of your supply registers.

A professional duct cleaning can also help determine the condition of your ductwork. If there are loose connections, broken seals, or damaged or missing sections of ductwork, the cleaner can find them and let you know that repairs are necessary. Remember, the EPA states that duct cleaning has not been conclusively shown to prevent any particular type of health problem. However, if your ductwork is clean, your indoor air will be cleaner as well. Ask questions and check references when choosing a duct cleaning contractor. Beware of anyone who makes overly positive claims about the benefits of ductwork cleaning, or who provides a suspiciously low price for the service (which they’ll likely jack up later). Be sure you understand what is involved in duct cleaning before proceeding.

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