White Boxing is a hot real estate trend for luxury property marketing in the high-end market. The idea makes sense for areas with great views in high-demand locations. The process allows the home buyer to envision endless possibilities without being distracted by someone else’s design aesthetic.

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All of the design shows on HGTV have most likely led us to this point. If you have watched any of these shows you have seen the 3-D graphic renditions of design concepts that have trained new home buyers to dream to their specific tastes. White Boxing allows you to see the potential and in a sense is the opposite of home staging as a tool for selling a home. Being in the home services business when I look at this image all I can think is, “Thank you for making our job easier”. Obstruction free and like a blank canvas makes our job easier in the area of plumbing, heating, and electrical services.

If I had to give it another name besides “White Boxing” I would call it “Blank Canvas”, a place to create your lifestyle masterpiece.

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