Water conditioners have evolved tremendously in recent years and the new technology is becoming a frequently asked-about product at Pipe Works Services. We’re happy to offer the Halo line of water treatment solutions along with our plumbing, heating and cooling, air quality, and other services. It just makes sense.

Lots of homeowners have experience with water softeners, but water softeners don’t address water quality issues completely. So, homeowners are left to buy bottled water, rely on filters on the water dispensers in their refrigerators, or use water pitchers that filter water.

Halo offers several solutions that purify the water throughout the house:

  • The Halo 5 is a complete system that replaces a traditional water softener while also purifying water.
  • Halo Pure is a whole-house water-purification system with a 10-year life span. It’s installed near the main pipe at which water enters your house so that all the water flowing into your pipes is purified.
  • The Halo Mini purifies water through a system of filters.
  • The Guardian is designed for water heaters and appliances that use hot water. The high-capacity filter helps cut down on silt, rust, and other impurities. It’s designed to work with tank and tankless water heaters.

Have more questions? Call us at Pipe Works Services to schedule an appointment or talk to your Pipe Works Services technician when you’re due for annual maintenance. We can help incorporate water purification into your current systems.

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