Unless you’ve had a certain friendly ghost claim some of your home’s rooms for his very own, you shouldn’t feel a huge difference in temperature as you wander around each set of walls. If you’re intrigued by this topic, however, chances are that your dwelling’s spaces are experiencing some unwelcome inconsistencies in temperature.

Read on to learn more about common reasons that keep certain rooms freezing.

Failing or Poorly Installed Insulation. The blanket of warmth and protection between you and the outside world is a vital barrier in the fight against frigid temperatures. In rooms where the air is much colder than others, there is a high possibility that your insulation needs reinforcement. Insulation won’t usually fail at the same rate across the entirety of the house, which is often the cause of sporadic cold spells.

Furnace Ready for Retirement. The last thing you want to do when winter weather hits are found out that your furnace has been planning its farewell party for many months. If you’re experiencing a combination of hot and cold in the house, your furnace might be sending you a memo that you shouldn’t ignore. If your furnace is the problem, you might just need to replace a few parts, but this is one area you should consider bringing in an expert for. As always, you need to weigh the cost of repair against the cost of replacement.

Cracks Conspiring Against You. Your home may have cracks and gaps that are conspiring against you. Many of these are so small that you probably pass by them every day and don’t even notice them—at least, not with your eyes. If your home is experiencing air leakage, even the smallest of gaps can create huge problems in the energy efficiency and temperature consistency departments. If you’re like most people, you probably thought of air leaking around your windows right off the bat, which is a common point of cold contention. There is other many other frequent offenders, too, though.

If you’re not sure exactly what’s causing the discomfort in temperature, contact a certified Home Energy company to schedule a personalized energy audit.

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