Whether it’s a freezing winter or sweltering summer heat, dense packing your walls/floors/attics with insulation will pay you dividends in comfort. Spray foam and cellulose (blown-in) insulation are both good solutions for blissful silence. Dense packing your walls involves removing a shingle and drilling a small hole in the exterior of your home (we fix it by replacing the shingle or siding). A hose is inserted, and the cellulose insulation (made of recycled paper) is blown in with air to fill your walls from top to bottom. You can see it in this video.

This is cellulose in an attic crawl space, as you can see the insulation is about 17 inches deep in this picture. This will keep the good air in and the bad air out.

This is how we remove a shingle to drill a hole to blow in the insulation. Then we plug the hole and replace the shingle. When the big bad wolf comes and he huffs & puffs, he can’t blow your house in!

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