The most important thing missing from this A/C infographic is humidity = misery, not to mention BAD HAIR!

Your home is your oasis and comfort are not a luxury, it’s a necessity in a New Jersey summer. You cannot run at full efficiency without proper maintenance for your air conditioning unit. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we are running a special offer until May 30th, 2018, Our “Is Your Mom Cool” campaign is in full swing, check it out.


Routinely replace or clean your air filters — it can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5-15 percent.

  1. Check your air conditioner’s evaporator coil every year and clean it as necessary.
  2. If your coil fins are bent, use a “fin comb” to straighten them.
  3. If you have a split system, be sure to clean debris and leaves from the fan, compressor, and condenser.
  4. Occasionally pass a stiff wire through your unit’s drain channels to prevent clogs.
  5. For window air conditioners, inspect the window seals to keep cool air from escaping.
  6. Hire a certified professional when your unit needs more than basic maintenance.

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