As our population grows and we become more dependent on electrical devices, our aging power grid is being pushed to the max. Any little spike or interruption to the system, such as a tree branch falling on power lines or a single lightning strike, can overload part of the grid and lead to a power outage. With no power, your air conditioner or furnace blower cannot function, your computer and Internet router will crash, and your television and light fixtures will all go dark.

To avoid the inconveniences, lost business, and safety issues that come with a power outage, you may want to consider getting a standby generator installed.

A standby generator is a permanent, outdoor generator unit that automatically comes on any time it senses that the electricity has gone out. It disconnects your home from the power grid and supplies electricity to your home’s circuits, keeping everything running until it senses that the power is restored. Fueled by natural gas lines, it can provide power indefinitely, no matter how long the utility service is down.

You can get standby generators to fit almost any need, from powering large office buildings to lighting up small houses–or even just part of a house. Standby generators are generally categorized into three types:

  • Whole-house generators are the largest and power everything in the house at once.
  • Essential circuit generators are smaller, cheaper, and are connected only to specific essential circuits within the home. For example, they may be used to keep your refrigerator and HVAC system running, but not the television or washing machine.
  • Smart circuit generators provide a compromise between whole-house and essential-only systems. They only power part of the house at a time but can switch between circuits, allowing you to use all of your appliances as long as you do not use them all at once.

At Pipe Works Services, we carry a range of standby generators to keep your New Jersey home up and running in all situations. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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