How would you like to lower your cooling bills, and improve your comfort, with no investment required? It may be possible with one simple step: turn on your ceiling fans.

Though many New Jersey homes have ceiling fans, many homeowners rarely use them. Cooling a home is seen as a job for the air-conditioning (A/C) system. However, if you let your air conditioner and ceiling fans work together, everyone benefits.

Unlike an air conditioner, a ceiling fan does not change the temperature. However, it can make any temperature feel cooler, thanks to the wind-chill effect it produces. As cool air moves over our bodies, it allows our skin to more efficiently shed heat. So, the breeze from a ceiling fan makes the average person feel about four degrees cooler than they would in a room with no breeze.

Since fans make you feel cooler, they allow you to set your thermostat about four degrees higher, without noticing any temperature difference. So if your A/C was cooling the air by 10 degrees, for example, it would now only have to cool the air by only 6 degrees. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as long or as hard and will use considerably less electricity. This means you’re conserving energy and spending less on your cooling costs.

A ceiling fan uses much less power than a whole-house A/C system. It only has to cool one room at a time and can be turned off when no one is there to feel the wind chill. So, the net electricity savings that come from using ceiling fans can help keep your summer budget in line.

Ceiling fans provide a few other benefits, as well:

  • Because it is no longer working as hard, your air conditioner is likely to last longer and need less frequent repairs.
  • Like a zoning system, fans allow you to cool specific rooms, without your A/C working constantly to cool all rooms, even those you’re not using.
  • In the winter, they can be reversed (so that they blow air upwards), which helps blow hot air down into your rooms, and helps your heating system work more efficiently.

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