How common is it for people in one part of your home to be too hot, while people in another are cold? It happens because single-thermostat systems only read the temperature in the areas close to the thermostat’s location. You can eliminate this problem, and conserve energy and money, by installing a zoned cooling system for your home.

In a climate as varied as New Jersey, it is best to have a maximum amount of flexibility with your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. We may have an 80-degree day followed a few days later by temperatures in the high-90s with punishing humidity. If you want to save money and stay comfortable regardless of the weather, you need zoned cooling and heating. Here’s how a zoning system works:

Define your zones: An HVAC professional can help you measure your cooling load requirements for each room, measuring room size, several windows, the level of insulation, and many other factors. Your contractor then will group rooms with similar cooling needs into one zone and install a dedicated thermostat for that area. It’s important to note that your home doesn’t have to be huge or even more than one story for zoned cooling to be beneficial, especially if there are areas that are unoccupied for large parts of the day. You can turn the thermostat up (during the cooling season) for these areas, so you’re not wasting your costly conditioned air.

Optimize savings: Consider adding other optional features if you’re converting to a zoned system. Programmable thermostats make it easier than ever for you to slash your energy usage and energy bills. Additionally, variable-speed air handlers are vital. They are more efficient because they can adjust the fan speed to deliver the appropriate airflow to each zone. They also control humidity in your home much better than single-speed models.

Stop fighting over the thermostat: Since a single thermostat no longer controls the temperature in the entire house, you will not have to fight over the settings. Everybody will be comfortable when they can set their temperatures. Just make sure to program the kids’ smart thermostat for maximum savings when you know they’ll be gone from home for several hours.

To find out what zoned cooling can do for your home, contact Pipe Works Services We provide expert HVAC service to residential and commercial customers in Morris, Union, Somerset, and Essex counties. Our goal is to help educate our customers in Chatham, NJ, and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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