If you’re currently in the market for a new furnace, one energy-efficient feature that’s worth looking for is a furnace ECM. An electronically commutated motor offers the technology and flexibility to ensure quiet and efficient delivery of optimal airflow at all times.

ECMs differ from their permanent split capacitor (PSC) single-speed counterparts in a variety of ways, many of which lead to greater energy efficiency and long-term operation.

Unlike PSC motors that only operate at a single fan speed, ECMs feature built-in speed and torque controls that allow the motor to adjust its speed as needed. This allows optimal airflow at all times, as well as quieter operation.

ECMs also features a brushless DC motor that uses less energy and produces less heat than a typical PSC motor. As a result, an ECM uses as little as 80 watts of electricity in typical use.

The overall efficiency of a furnace ECM helps reduce annual operating costs, resulting in lower energy bills and greater savings for homeowners.

ECMs also help to rid homes of stale air by promoting continuous air circulation, rather than the frequent stop and starts of single-speed motored furnaces.

A furnace ECM is just one of the many attractive features that will help your new furnace use less energy while providing a higher standard of home comfort.

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