Good insulation and better weather stripping are part and parcel of keeping your home warm and draft-free. But many homeowners make the mistake of leaving their attics out of the equation.

Air sealing the attic is an effective way of stopping air drafts and energy losses in their tracks. Knowing when your home needs its attic sealed can help lower your energy usage while improving your home comfort.

Common Signs Your Attic Needs Sealing

When it comes to air sealing the attic, it’s important to know what to look for. Here are a few tell-tale signs that attic sealing is a necessity for your home:

  • Drafty rooms are a common occurrence.
  • Your home suffers from large accumulations of dust, especially in rooms that lay directly below your attic.
  • Ice dams constantly form on your roof during the winter.
  • Heat losses cause your heating bills to be higher than normal throughout the winter.
  • Your home’s indoor air is drier than normal during the winter.
  • Your home suffers from uneven temperatures from room to room.

It’s also important to check your attic for adequate insulation against drafts and air leakage. A lack of proper insulation can allow air to move freely from your conditioned spaces into your attic, which can cause the heat loss and reduced energy efficiency.

To learn more about air sealing the attic, or if you need the expertise of our trained heating specialists, contact us at Pipe Works Services.

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