Unfortunately, you can’t always expect your tap water to be clean and problem-free. A variety of home water problems can crop up, so it’s always helpful to know how to deal with them. Here are a few, but by no means all, of the home water problems you may experience, along with some quick ways to address them.

Common Home Water Problems
  • Hard water: Minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium, are found in nearly all natural water supplies, appearing in excess in so-called “hard water.” This can cause an unsightly whitish scale buildup on pipe joints and plumbing fixtures, which will eventually result in corrosion and plumbing breaks. A home water softener or conditioner filled with rock salt is a great solution for hard water problems.
  • Iron: This is a similar issue to the previous one but involves other minerals – iron and manganese. These minerals can make your water look cloudy or rusty and can result in rust-colored stains on laundry, cooking utensils, and plumbing fixtures. Your water will also have a metallic taste. While a water-softening system can help remove some of the iron, you may also have to utilize specialized iron removers or oxidizing filters.
  • Hydrogen sulfide: Have you ever drunk water that tasted like rotten eggs or sulfur? This is caused by hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas, that mixes in with the water. It can also corrode metal plumbing. You’ll need to install multi-stage filtration, beginning with chlorination, to deal with this issue. Sedimentation and aeration filtering may also be needed, as well as an activated carbon filter to get rid of the chlorine.
  • Foul odor and taste: Organic matter, including materials leaking from septic systems or sewers, can infiltrate water supplies, causing a moldy, fishy, or otherwise foul taste and odor. Activated carbon filtration can address most of these issues.

Of course, there are plenty of other common home water problems that may occur. For professional help addressing the problem of water in your home, please contact Pipe Works Services in Northern New Jersey.

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