Having to replace a heating system isn’t something homeowners have to do often, if at all, and if you’re facing this situation, the decisions you make now will affect your comfort and energy bills for years to come. Choose wisely when upgrading a heating system, and you’ll improve comfort and reduce energy and maintenance costs long-term.

Selecting a Contractor

Besides finding a contractor with an active HVAC license, insurance and bonding, look for accreditation from the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) organization. NATE technicians have passed the most rigorous requirements in the HVAC industry. This non-profit holds its certified contractors to high performance and accountability standards, which assure you of the best installation and service available.

Scheduling an Energy Audit

The energy audit shows you where the energy inefficiencies in your home exist. Having an audit before you replace an existing heating system will tell you where to seal the air leaks in the exterior walls and improve insulation, both of which increase efficiency. These improvements lower your heating load, translating to a smaller heating system, which saves you money on the upfront cost of the equipment.

Sizing the System

This crucial step before upgrading a heating system assures you that the equipment will run as efficiently as possible. The size depends on a constellation of variables that include cubic footage, energy efficiency, floorplan layout, and thermal preferences. HVAC contractors use software called Manual J to calculate the total BTUs (British thermal units) you need for the new system.

One that’s too large will run in short cycles and won’t warm your home evenly, since it turns on and off quickly and rooms further from the furnace won’t be as warm. The short cycling also drives up energy consumption and shortens the life of the system. A heating system that’s too small won’t keep you as warm during excessively cold weather. While it will run in longer cycles, excessively long operating periods also shortens its life.

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