Your air conditioner works hard all season against the New Jersey heat and humidity, picking up dirt and sustaining wear as it does so. Some basic end-of-season A/C maintenance goes a long way toward making sure your system will be in good shape when the hot weather returns.

Change that filter — A grime-covered air filter blocks air flowing through your system, driving up your energy expenses and placing excess wear on your fan motor. If it’s been more than a month since you’ve changed your filter, remove the filter for inspection. If it’s covered in dust, put in a new filter.

Check your coils — To prevent winter weather damage to your outdoor unit, remove debris such as leaves and grass clippings, and clean off dirt with a stiff brush. If you know how to access your indoor evaporator coil, dust it clean.

Check your condensate drain — Mold growing in a wet drain line will dry out when the air conditioner isn’t in use. This can cause a hard blockage that causes water to back up into your home when you turn the A/C back on.

A/C Maintenance Jobs for a Professional

To ensure every component in your cooling system is ready for winter, schedule professional A/C maintenance. Your technician will:

Inspect electrical components — During normal operation, wires can work loose or become corroded, making them less efficient and less safe. A defective capacitor also impairs your system’s efficiency. A professional will check for and address these issues.

Add lubrication — Your fan motor and compressor both require sufficient lubrication to prevent damaging, energy-wasting friction.

Clean the coils — An evaporator coil with a thick buildup of debris or with any corrosion should be handled by a professional.

Clear the condensate drain — If you know your condensate drain is dirty or blocked, leaving the cleaning to a professional will prevent damage.

Test the refrigerant level — Low refrigerant indicates a possible leak in the refrigerant lines, a problem that could become dangerous if ignored all winter.

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