It’s Likely, you don’t give your boiler a second thought when it’s working properly. It just sits in your basement or utility room, quietly providing hot water to heat your home. But sometimes, things can get out of whack and your boiler might start making strange noises, feeding your fears of a budget-busting repair job. Fortunately, repairing a noisy boiler is not always difficult or expensive.

Your HVAC pro will be able to troubleshoot and repair most problems without having to replace your boiler. Here are some common causes of a noisy boiler:

Mineral scale. Scale buildup is a common cause of boiler noise. The scale deposits interfere with heat transfer between the burner and the boiler, causing uneven heating and hot spots. Although the overall water temperature stays below the boiling point, the hot spots can create small areas where the water boils, sending steam bubbles upward that collapse when they reach cooler water, making “kettling” noises. Your boiler technician might use a chemical additive with clean water to remove the scale and eliminate the kettling noise.

  • Faulty thermostat. The water temperature in your boiler should never reach the boiling point. If your boiler thermostat fails, it might let your water supply get too hot and boil, resulting in similar kettling noises produced by scale buildup.
  • Wrong-sized equipment. An oversized burner or an undersized pump can also create conditions that lead to water boiling and kettling noises.
  • Air in the system. Gurgling and banging noises may be caused by air that enters the system through leaky valves or a malfunctioning surge tank and gets trapped in your radiators or hot water lines. Your technician may be able to eliminate these noises by bleeding air from the system, but he will also need to find and repair the source of air entry.

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