First, there was the Pepsi Challenge, then Prego took on Ragu, and now, Pipe Works Services proudly presents,

Taste the Difference: City Water vs HALO Water!

In the 1970s, Pepsi set out to prove that Americans preferred the taste of Pepsi to that of Coca-Cola. Their results were largely debatable, but they unsurprisingly concluded that Americans do prefer Pepsi to Coke. Not the most scientific of studies, but the blind taste test was born.

Prego was the next big brand to ask the public to prove their product was the best on the market. This time it wasn’t cola, but the marinara sauce. They challenged several brands, most notably Ragu; and much like Pepsi, found themselves to be the undeniable winner.

You may have heard one of your neighbors talking about the HALO water conditioner. In our area, the water quality is closer to that of the Passaic River than it is to Poland Spring. Does your water taste bad? That’s bad water. Does your water smell? Also, bad water. Do you need to replace fixtures in your home relatively often? That’s bad water too. If you have any of these problems call Pipe Works Services today! We would love to come to your home and show the difference! Our expert technicians will provide you with answers to these questions, all the information on why your water is the way it is, and more. We can even bring a sample of Halo-conditioned water so you can see the difference for yourself! Click here to learn more

Don’t take your friend’s word for it, after all, she never even saw Titanic or that other movie we know is your favorite, so her opinion is suspect at best. Let your taste buds decide. Call Pipe Works Services for a free estimate for a water softener or water filtration unit or click here (*conditions may apply).
*Example of Bad Water, notice the small white tube in this toilet tank bowl is now a brownish color

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