Did you ever go into your basement and look at the piping layout in your home heating system? Then did you ever say to your self “why does this look like such a mess?” The good news is that it does not need to be. Think about the added space you could gain by laying out your system more efficiently. If you have seen the newer HVAC systems and boilers you will notice how much smaller they are and more importantly they save you money on utility bills.

What can you do with all that new space? Want to have better hair? How about a Water Right softener? Even better how about a water softener and water filtration system in one unit that does not require the purchase of filters? Not sure whether you need these water conditioning systems? We will come to your home and run a free test for you. We check for hardness, Iron, pH, and chlorine. Contact us today to book a free water test!

Below you can see an example of “Pretty Pipe Works Services” say it 10 times fast!

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