The components of your HVAC system may be damaged by dirt and dust produced by a remodeling project. Renovations can also knock your heating and cooling equipment out of alignment. Discussing the project with your HVAC contractor before the work begins can help minimize the chances of damaging HVAC components and address any potential issues. If there are any changes necessary to the ductwork or other parts of the heating and cooling system, it is easier to solve before work has begun. Here are some ways to protect your HVAC system during a renovation project.

Ways to protect HVAC components.

  • Avoid using the furnace or A/C – Limiting the use of the A/C or furnace, if possible, will help reduce the risk of a clogged air filter because of a buildup of dirt and dust.
  • Close registers – Close and seal the registers that are in active work areas if you need to run the HVAC unit due to temperature conditions. Dirt and pollutants will be prevented from circulating through your home.
  • Clean the work area often – A clean work area will help stop dirt and dust from being drawn into the ductwork in areas with open vents and circulated through your home.
  • Change the air filter often – There will be a dirt buildup on the air filter even if you take precautions. Change the filter often to ensure there will be no damage to the HVAC system and install a new filter when the project is complete.
  • Inspect the ductwork – A professional ductwork inspection and cleaning may be warranted after a remodeling project. The HVAC components can also be inspected for debris buildup at this time.

Protecting your HVAC components before starting a renovation project can prevent expensive revisions to the job later. If any changes are necessary to the HVAC system, it is easier to accomplish before beginning the construction.

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