It is important for Homeowners to be knowledgeable about the parts that make up their sump pumps. If you are familiar with the various important parts of a sump pump, it is easy to detect defects and repair any problems quickly and efficiently, thereby saving you time and money.

Parts of a sump pump:
  • Plastic sump basin – sump pumps are installed in a perforated, heavy-duty plastic sump bin that is connected to a French drain system. The plastic sump basin should be covered with an airtight cover to prevent potential accidents.
  • Battery-powered sump pump alarm – a battery-operated alarm is installed into the sump pump basin cover and the alarm will sound if the water rises to above the top level of the pump.
  • Sump pump check valve – a check valve that is installed in the drain line prevents water from flowing back into the sump pit.
  • Optional battery backup – some models offer an additional battery backup feature that ensures that the sump pump can continue operating during power outages.
  • Pressure sensor – sump pumps have pressure sensors that activate the pump when the water in the sump pump basin reaches a pre-determined level.
  • Centrifugal pump – the centrifugal pump forces water through the drainage pipes and thereby removes water from the sump pump basin.

Sump pumps are installed in the lower part of a basement or crawl space and the sump pump is responsible for the removal of water from the inside of your home to areas where the water can drain away from the foundation of your house. If your sump pump breaks down and you are familiar with the parts of a sump pump, you could repair the problem yourself or inform your qualified HVAC contractor of the exact nature of the problem, thereby saving you time and money.

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