Air-source heat pumps are more widely used in warmer regions of the country. However, with the ability to provide home cooling during the summer, in addition to home heating in cool temperatures, heat pumps with the latest advanced features are advantageous for Chatham area homeowners, too.

Scroll Compressors

The best heat pump systems utilize variable-stage scroll compressors that continuously modulate output to precisely meet actual heating and cooling demand in real-time. In English, that means they adjust to the workload, instead of always running full blast. Scroll compressors also have fewer moving parts than conventional single-stage compressors, last longer, and offer quieter operation — and we can all use a little peace.

Variable-Speed Blowers

Like the compressor, the blower motor is an electrically driven component in heat pump systems (and furnaces) that can make or break an electric bill. Variable-speed blowers start up slowly and increase velocity as needed to meet and maintain heating and cooling demand. Variable-speed blowers also work well with zoning systems and whole-home humidifiers for maximum home comfort.

Heat Pump Water Heating

One of the advantages of using a heat pump in your home is its ability to provide hot water for storage water heating systems during the summer. Heat pumps may be fitted with an extra heat exchange component called a desuperheater that captures waste heat energy in cool mode and uses the energy to heat water. Heat pump water heating is substantially more efficient than electric storage systems.

Hybrid Heat Pump

Heat pump heating and cooling are accomplished by extracting, moving, and releasing heat energy between air sources. But when things get cold in NJ, there isn’t always enough heat energy in the cold outdoor air for the heat pump to heat your home efficiently or quickly enough. A backup heating source is needed, which is typically provided by electric-resistance elements.

Ask your HVAC professional about hybrid heat pumps that offer compatibility with gas furnaces for backup heating. Hybrid heating systems deliver the most efficient heating at any given time by alternating between electricity and natural gas, depending on outside conditions.

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