Vanity Replacement in Short Hills, NJ

Replaced and installed new vanity for customer.

Toilet Clogged

A customer called in after noticing they were having an issue with their toilet. They went to flush and it became clogged and overflowed. Our plumber Chris was able to get out the same day within a couple of hours to the customer’s home to diagnose exactly what was going on. Chris went over all options with the customer and was able to get the issue taken care of within about an hour. The customer was back up and running as normal. Another satisfied customer that Chris serviced.

New Kitchen Faucet in Short Hills, NJ

One of my longtime customers called in after realizing it was time to replace the outdated leaking kitchen faucet. They went to purchase one they like and knew there was only one company to install it for them. They called us and scheduled a same-day appointment for Chris to come out to the home. Mario was able to take care of the installation within a matter of hours and they were able to use their kitchen sink right away.

Kitchen Faucet replacement in Short Hills, NJ

Replaced and installed a new kitchen faucet for customer.

New Garbage Disposal in Short Hills, NJ

An existing customer in Short Hills, NJ called Pipe Works Services about their garbage disposal not working correctly. Our technician Alan was on the job and diagnosed that the garbage disposal seized up which means the motor was somehow locking up, probably due to old age. Alan was able to install a new garbage disposal so that the sink drain would be able to grind down food going down the drain.