Water/Sewer Dig up in New Providence, NJ

Water/Sewer Dig up

Excavation/Sewer Dig in Chatham, NJ

Excavation/Sewer Dig in Chatham, NJ.

Leaky Hose Bib Replacement in Chatham, NJ

Leaky Hose Bib Replacement in Chatham, NJ

Plumbing Issue with Master Bathroom Toilet in Chatham, NJ

Our service technician arrived on site for a master bathroom toilet overflowing. The tech discussed the pricing with the customer and attempted to order the toilet but was unsuccessful in getting it cleared. He explained to the customer that it was most likely something jammed inside that was not allowing the auger to get through. They discussed several options with customer including pulling the toilet to see if there was anything underneath that we could find or replacing the toilet, customer opted for replacement.

The technician picked toilet up from the supply house and installed a new American Standard Cadet Pro ADA height in Linen in the master bathroom. They turned water back on to toilet, adjusted the height of water in tank and flushed several times to test operation.

Toilet Replacement in Chatham, NJ

A long time customer in Chatham, NJ called Pipe Works Services because her toilet was leaking when flushed. Pipe Works Services technician Jimmy diagnosed that there was a leak between the base and the tank.

The long term solution for this was to install a new toilet. The customer decided to purchase the new toilet and to have us install it for them. Pipe Works Services technician Rich installed the new toilet, lined the drain with the base properly, and reinstalled the supply line for water to the tank and it was good as new.