Humidifier replacement in Chatham, NJ

Replaced Humidifier for customer

Dehumidifier Replacement in Chatham, NJ

A customer in Chatham, NJ called Pipe Works Services with a dehumidifier issue. Pipe Works Services technician Zach diagnosed that the dehumidifier needed to be replaced. Luckily, the customer had the dehumidifier under warranty. Months later, the customer called that is wasn’t working correctly. Pipe Works Services technician Pablo diagnosed that the condensate drain was clogged. Pablo was able to repair the line and the house was able to be dehumidified – which allows for better, drier air.

Aprilaire Humidifier Replacement in Florham Park, NJ

Our technician met with the homeowner upon arrival. First, he performed the maintenance on the heating system. Then the tech performed a diagnostic on the system to test all controls, safeties, and combustion. He installed the customer-supplied filter and spoke with the owner about the humidifier canister. The tech found issues with the inducer and provided options to address them. The customer pointed out issues with an old humidifier fitting. While performing the work he spoke with the homeowner about the age of the water heater. Performed all repairs suggested and tested and performed correctly. While collecting payment spoke with the owner about air quality and at this time owner wishes to install a new air purifier. Installed and wired and it is performing as expected.

Randolph Filter Cabinet Install in Randolph, NJ

A Customer in Randolph, NJ was suffering from allergies and wanted improved filtration. His current system didn’t allow enough room for a thicker more efficient filter (MERV 16), so we installed a cabinet to allow for better filtration.

Humidifier Replacement in Chatham, NJ

This homeowner in Chatham, NJ loved the idea of conditioned air. Had an old bypass humidifier installed that just wasn’t getting the job done anymore. Pipe Works Services installed a new one and the air in the home is not so dry in the winter.