Bradford White 50 Gallon Water Heater Replacement in Morristown, NJ

A customer called early in the morning after noticing their water heater was not working. After further inspection, they noticed it was leaking. After one quick call to Pipe Works Services, we were able to get them the first appointment in the morning. Zach and Bobby our 2 top plumbers arrived at the home and quickly got to diagnose the issue. After a thorough diagnostic, they advised the customer they needed to replace their water heater. The customer chose to upgrade her water heater to a Bradford White 50-gallon water heater and Zach and Bobby got right to work. The customer did choose to add more safety options to her water heater with an expansion tank, drip pan, and new shut-off valves.

Water Heater Replacement in Morristown, NJ

Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Venting Replacement in Morristown, NJ

A customer in Morristown, NJ called Pipe Works Services about their water heater failing inspection. Pipe Works Services technician Mario was dispatched to see exactly what was going on. Mario diagnosed the venting was not changed from a 3-inch smoke pipe to a 4-inch smoke pipe. Most town coding requires this to be changed when replacing a water heater. Mario was able to replace it so the water heater venting was up to code and able to vent properly when in use.

Hydronic Boiler and Hot Water heater replacement in Randolph, NJ

We replaced the customer’s Hydronic Boiler and Hot Water Heater

Boiler and Water Heater Replacements in Livingston, NJ

We replaced 2 boilers and 2 indirect water heaters with 1 NTI high-efficiency boiler and an indirect tank.