Hardly anyone would argue the fact that attic ventilation is desirable and extremely necessary in just about all homes. However, there are still several attic ventilation myths circulating that aren’t necessarily correct. Here are just a few:

Proper ventilation in the attic is just as necessary in the summer as in the winter. Actually, in addition to attic vents, other systems can maximize energy efficiency and regulate hot attic temperatures during the summer. These include your roof’s color, sun exposure, and adequate attic insulation.

In the winter, however, a certain amount of air exchange between your home and the outside environment through your attic vent is the primary way to avoid moisture buildup as a result of condensation. Moisture in your attic can damage insulation, wood fixtures, and belongings.

The more ventilation in the attic, the better. While having a certain number of attic vents is recommended, you can have too many. A surplus of openings in your attic and roof can leave your attic vulnerable to wind and rain damage. A professional can recommend the ideal amount of attic vents for your home.

Attic vents allow warm air to escape during the winter. While this does happen to a degree, the benefits of attic and roof vents far outweigh whatever marginal amount of warm air is likely to escape. If you have proper air sealing and insulation between your living space and attic, you shouldn’t have to worry much about heat escaping outside.

Also, during the winter, on sunny days, solar heating should make up for any lost warm air. And again, the benefits of ventilation far outweigh these other issues.

You can find all the answers to attic ventilation on the Internet. While the web certainly contains a lot of good information about HVAC topics, including ventilation, it doesn’t know anything about your specific home or climate. You need a trained professional to advise you on how to properly ventilate or insulate your attic.

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