Four common problems associated with your New Jersey home’s gas furnace are surprisingly easy for you to diagnose. Some require the expertise of an HVAC technician to remedy, but you can take some steps to make any repair visit less expensive and more productive.


A gas furnace short cycles when it comes on and then stops abruptly. This quick on-and-off cycle may repeat all day, increasing wear and tear on the furnace and perhaps fraying your nerves as well. Look for these solutions:

  • Dirty air filter—Clean or replace it.
  • Problems with the blower motor—You may be capable of oiling the motor lubrication ports, checking belt tension, or even replacing the blower motor belt, but if you have doubts, call an HVAC technician.
  • Thermostat malfunction—Adjust the heat anticipator or call a professional.


A gas furnace should not make a lot of noise. If you hear high-pitched or low-pitched sounds, look for these issues:

  • Squealing—slipping blower motor belt or bearings on the motor shaft in need of lubrication.
  • Rumble—if you hear this when the burners are off, a pilot light that has gone out of adjustment is likely the cause.
  • Rumble—if the burners are firing, the rumble can be from clogged burners—get an HVAC technician in for a thorough cleaning and inspection.

Pilot Lights

A gas furnace with a pilot light is an ideal candidate for an upgrade to electronic ignition. These issues can cause the pilot light to go out:

  • Strong drafts
  • The dirty orifice on the gas tube
  • The dirt inside the gas tube
  • Faulty thermocouple, which will needlessly shut off the gas

Electronic Ignitions

Using either a hot surface ignition (HSI) or intermittent pilot, energy-efficient electronic ignitions replace pilot lights. If your intermittent pilot acts up, contact a professional. If your HSI fails, look at these:

  • Improper igniter
  • Improper handling—oil from human skin gets onto the element
  • Household current is too high
  • Dirty air filter—clean or replace

Other issues may vex you, such as insufficient heat or a blower that never stops. For help with these and all other gas furnace problems, contact us at Pipe Works Services

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