Recently we gave a 3-hour Pipe Lining course with the NJ Alpi Home Inspector organization in Clark, NJ. Home inspectors like most industries require you to attend continuing education classes in your field. We spent the day as a vendor in addition to giving a presentation on all things in pipe lining and sewer repairs.

Because the Northeast has the oldest homes in the country, there is a developing infrastructure problem that is only getting worse for home buyers. In New Jersey, it is still not a law to have a video camera inspection of your sewer main when buying a home. We gave the class to encourage home inspectors to either do it themselves or recommend the home buyer to have it done to protect their investment. Jack Manuel our Rep from Perma-Liner was with us to answer questions about the product and plans for the industry, as well as new partnerships. The sewer inspection service is an important add-on for any home inspector and according to a large real estate franchise, 8% of homes sold by them had sewer issues that held up a closing. a realtor needs to protect their clients because, in the end, it’s your reputation at stake. It’s not uncommon for a flipped home or a large family in a new home to experience a sewerage backup from a damaged pipe. You can avoid this disaster by just spending a couple of hundred dollars on a video inspection.

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